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Vitamin D deficiency caused the death of a baby

According to the French authorities, a 10-day-old infant's fish can be linked to one of the vitamin D supplements, thus prohibiting the sale of a tradable diet.

The Uvesterol D The use of this name is very widespread in France - Origo writes. It is important to say that in our country, the rebate is not available.

The deaths continued in December

According to a BBC report, the final dose was due on December 21st. The mother used the dispenser to deliver the vitamin into the small mouth in the desired manner. The problem occurred shortly after the intake of vitamin A, and after 2 hours the heart and lung of the 10-day-old baby stopped. The French National Health Service (ANSM) stressed that all other vitamin D supplements could be used in complete safety, of course, following the proper dosing instructions.

Why is Vitamin D Important?

When vitamin D deficiency occurs, rickets develops. (Symptoms: lacerated bones, lack of anterior well closure, mild tooth decay, tooth decay, frequent respiratory infections.) For healthy bone development, teeth also need the right amount of vitamin D. It also aids in the development of optimal muscle mass and body fiber. It also plays an important role in thyroid function, healthy cell division and the maintenance of the health of the heart.