5 tricks to get up for training at dawn

Here are some tips for a full-time two-year-old mistress to get you into your daily routine.

CrossFit at dawnIn the past, I always said to myself, "Okay, I'll train later," but it never happened because something was guaranteed to happen. I work full time, I have two kids, life goes on, so this time, I had to make time for myself to create for myself. sыrы in my everyday life was that 5:45 beginner class. It took my body (and my soul) one month to get used to the New Routine. It wasn't easy ... but there were 5 things that helped me a lot. Habtha will!

1. Attending last night

Not much brain work that last night always I finished my workout. The most practical thing is to put it in the bathroom so I can jump in there quickly and I'm out the door. I put my sports shoes, my jacket, and my workout jacket on the front door with my keys, my fitness, jumping skills and a filled water bottle.

2. I will write about my training schedule

"Will you come tomorrow?" - I usually send or receive a similar message from the training session every night before training. Talk about how tired or difficult your day-to-day training is, but also motivate each other to be there. It helped me a lot that once I told my friends I was going, keep my word. And being a member of a community that really counts on me also makes it easier to get up at dawn.

3. Set a double alarm

I'm the type who can't immediately jump out of the wake for the first alarm. I need some time to get to know myself, so setting up two alarms is my default. I set the first one at 4:42 (I know, it's too early!) - at the same time, "you're a tough girl!" charging appears on the display of my phone. I usually press this, and the next ring is at 4:50, then 4:54 if I press the second one. To the latter, "Wake up, God!" I set a message for myself that always helps. I need a psychic motivationto get out of bed so early.

4. I run a training diary

The fact that I write down every opportunity in my training diary motivates me to get up the next day and do the training. I was very inspired to look back over time and see how persistent I am. And little sneak peeks like "the closest to the heaviest kettlebells" will help my future coaches.

5. No, if necessary

This is one of the hardest things, but unfortunately for me to get up in the next day, there are some things I have to give up. Generally 8:30 am and 9 pm I sleep until 9:30 pm at the latest. But since I also have kids who need to be fed, laid down, packed / fed after eating, there is no time left to read romantic short stories or watch series with my queen until late at night. However, since early waking only applies to the weekdays, on the night we do all that stuff, so the balance is there. However, the point is that it is perfectly true you have the time you want, to be. I, too, have every single coach on my schedule, which is just as important as a workplace meeting. It is not a matter of debate, but it comes with some casualties. But it's worth it to me, because if I don't care for myself, if I don't take care of my body, I don't feel good in my skin, and this affects my other areas of life (source: popsugar.com).Related articles in our training topic:
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