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Esther's Diary - Week 35Forums

Although the real autumn has just arrived, Esther remembers her 35th week in the highest faith.

Photograph: Bbcsi Rуbert Lbszlou

Honey and panic! 5, that is, five weeks to childbirth, and what is known in the next two weeks is a wedding, a gibberish, a language exam, and a final order . Csodбlatos. And for all of these forty degrees, which is still a childless body, not to mention a slimy belly, a nine-month-old pregnant woman (a woman because I only think of my timeless ears). How can these 38 hurt! Sure you made me seventy soon because I'm barely alive! When the sun is shining hardest in our homes, I am on the verge of drowning. The kid's feet are swirling in my stomach by default, but even the little air I can't get in ... could be more exhausting. I scold the prematurity so far that it wouldn't happen by accident. I don't want any air, just air! I often think of the old state. How constant is such a damn sensation? Filled with a must-have? I want to, but I don't know, go, but can't, breathe, but heavy ... The fan goes day and night, I hate it, but my blood is tight, my stomach is heavy, my body and my limp movement. I'm never the cool type and never like the heat, but it's unbearable. It would cool just 10 degrees. True friend these days to a yellow plastic spray. I squeeze it day and night and let it go in the street. I have a lot of time to work out cool cooling strategies when I turn on the fan, start spraying quickly, and I feel like a human being for a second. Sometimes only interesting delirium wins: if I close my eyes, I can see myself on the surface, I am stranded with feet, I can only breathe through the skin, I want to look for people, They bring ropes and crane cars to get them back into the water. Where I belong… But I still didn't like the fact that it was becoming harder to stay. Who would like to give birth to a car ?! I am aware that once the faith is gone, I will be full of energy again, and I will appreciate it. From the beginning of my pregnancy, I counted on wet parts of my body, and now this damn thing has done it! My ankles have disappeared in my mind, although according to Giza, only me is so cold, but my foot is swollen so that it only fits into the loosest flip-flop slippers. When I'm at home, I polish my toes and water coils on them. Heavenly cries. Down the stairs, the pressure makes it dry, as if they were punctured with tiny guns on the street, seriously, I was traveling at about half a kilometer speed because of the heat. That's the end. Let's just say that after childbirth, housewife khmm, it slows down a bit ... it gets worse ... and the men and women disappear, especially our parents. Well, I don't even have to give birth, the faith is adhered to because I am unable to sleep in our little room, so I feel that there is no air there, which I don't want to go to, not in such a large place. So I moved into the living room on the couch, which is just the size I feel now. Giza does not like to sleep there, but she came after me the next night - this is the happy ending of a romantic Brazilian telly - the big belly, the pissy urinals, the whimpering and the 38 degrees! Lucinda and Fernando are always happy and little Juan Carlos Esteban del Castillo is coming!