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Dr. Kenessey Albert Kуrhбz, BalassagyarmatThis article highlights the state of March 2011.

Balassagyarmat is located in one of the poorest counties in the country, but the modern birthplace of the hospital is in the capital.

A senior head physician actively involved in the delivery of a barely two-year-old childbirth, dr. József Szép he took us around in a friendly class. The pastel walls, the luminous spaces give a cool impression, the living rooms, the butts, the wardrooms can satisfy every need of a baby. However, besides the pleasant environment and the modern, up-to-date equipment, the most important thing is the active mediation of the mothers, but less is the enthusiastic talk of the head of the department.- Unfortunately, . Families living in low social conditions, of course, were greatly assisted by the moving medical service, especially due to poor transport in the surrounding area. For example, the number of cesarean sections is growing because the number of pregnant mothers under 18 and abortions is significant, says dr. József Szép.However, it is a condition that women have chosen to give birth not only in a modern environment, but in the 21st century. with a century-old approach to bringing the baby to life. Many expectant mothers - following a doctor - come to Budapest from the hospital. Alternatively, in the living room, moms, comfy babies, babysitters, and time-honored babies can be in the friendly room. There are also those who give birth to homeopathy to support their mothers.
In a traditional nursing room, three receive the mother, and two of them can be transformed into baby chairs, and any gas that is not sensitized can alleviate pain. "Epidural anesthesia is used almost exclusively for therapeutic purposes; we cannot make it accessible to everyone due to lack of capacity," says Dr. Szep. In his opinion, only 15 to 20 percent of parents should only use EDA. Professionals working in the department support the natural process of childbirth, are not required for shaving, and are also flexible for requesting a cut. As long as possible, they can walk around while pregnant. The baby suite has 24 ounces rooming-in facilities.Facts and figures:
- Number of births in 2010: 422
- Cuttings ratio: 38 percent
- Alternative living room with tub, ball.
- Choosing a baby is possible.
- A young woman can be sent to the birth room by a man.
- Dad can't be present in the bar because of the cup.
- Unlimited visitation time, spa visitation.
- 24 hrs rooming-in system in operation.
- You can go home 3-4 days after normal birth and 4-5 days after the birth.
- It is possible to eat and drink during the initial stages.
- Parenting classes are held every two weeks.
- Pregnancy gymnastics is the leader of the gymnastics.