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We have when the discounted 10 million can be applied for by two children

According to the first news, as early as January 1, two-year-olds and 10-year-olds were able to apply for a discounted $ 10 million and $ 15 million, respectively. The departure time has changed.

Mйg the idйn, December 1-jйvel megnyнlik the Ft 10 milliу kedvezmйnyes kamattбmogatбsъ kцlcsцn igйnylйsйnek lehetхsйge the kйtgyermekes csalбdok szбmбra - announced Human Erхforrбsok Minisztйriumбnak csalбd- йs ifjъsбgьgyйrt felelхs бllamtitkбra Tuesday Katalin sajtуtбjйkoztatуjбn.Novбk Budapest kцzцlte also the hбromgyerekes csalбdok also Dec. From 1 January, you can claim a $ 5 million increase in interest rate, for a total discount of $ 15 million.As of December 1, two-year-olds can apply for a discounted loan of $ 10 million. He also said that the Government Decree on family home improvement allowance (chocolate) will be published in the Hungarian Gazette on Tuesday.