Answers to the questions

The second swallow

On 18 May 2004, after the first domestic pilot bank, another Hungarian institution with several professional licenses started its banking activity, which is open to all interested parties.

Field bank in Miskolc and Budapest

The Borsod-Abaъj-Zemplйn-County Kуrhбz йs the Krio Intйzet kцzцs vбllalkozбsбnak lйtrehozуit йpьlх mыkцdх kцldцkzsinуrvйr-bank same lйnyegйben filozуfiбra the Orszбgos Gyуgyintйzeti Kцzpontban Budapest (OGYK) mйgis eltйrх meggondolбs led to mыkцdtessйk the mбsodik Hungarian kцldцkzsinуr-bank ьzleti vбllalkozбsban.
The importance of a system similar to the inertia and incapacity of the WHO for every person in need is further emphasized that there is no longer any guarantee that the recipient will be affected. The experts at this second bank, however, believe that the money that comes from the business can be set up for a good-looking bank, rather than a predetermined amount of money for research and development purposes. Their words are not based on an uncertain future; I have been successful three times.
It is a fact that we do not yet know that they have transplanted their own genital cord anywhere. It is also true that in the case of non-accredited conditions, the physician may refuse to use the patient, considering the interests of the patient and the safety of the source. However, in the Borsod-Abauj-Zemplin County Medical Center there were three successful insertions of the inoculated blood - reported by the Grand Duchy of Transplant Children.

He brought a brother-in-law to the Brotherhood

One of her little white boys, who was suffering from a whiteness, had a sibling at the age of 8 years to wear a double cord. This little brother was also wanted so much because he hoped to bring along a genius that could save his life. Everybody did, I guess. Another two small patients were implanted in the US and Belgium, who had successfully implanted cord cells, and the children were now considered to be cured, and many of them were asymptomatic.
In Miskolc, there are professionals on the spot who, if they have one and are medically feasible, will be taking advantage of the medical cord taken with them.

The beginnings

The OGYK Bank in Budapest has a limited number of sexual guards who have been removed from a specific hospital for a limited time after the parents have given their consent to their resignation. The purpose is to connect the accredited tissue bank to the international registry at the end of the trial. Operating in Miskolc and in Budapest, the tissue bank has the same beginnings before the May gate. Almost simultaneously with OGYK, we applied for permission to freeze 50 experimental samples to the Health Science Council, which was accepted in all cases. In this respect, the operation of the two institutions is no different. However, after the 60/2003. (X. 20.) EszCsM. decree created the legal framework necessary for the operation of the bank's health services and also made the necessary steps to obtain the BNTS license. The licensing was successful.


The opportunity gave each baby woman a baby to see 30-32. during pregnancy, go to the Miskolc Hospital or the Krio Institute in Budapest, discuss where and how to give birth, and have a few exams that you should carry out until you are born. Testing for cytomegalovirus, HIV, hepatitis C virus and syphilis does not pose a particular burden on the mother's body. If you have given birth to a healthy child and have successfully removed the genetic lineage, a contract will be concluded with it and the child's father - because the child is 18 years old and above the genetic cord - will keep it.
The standard and safe storage fee is less than 100,000 forints, which does not have to be paid in one lump sum, just in time. This is an annual amount of 12-15000 HUF. With the expiration of the year, you can decide again whether you want to maintain the storage and extend the contract.
The parent will receive documentation of all data needed to place the tissue in the child. If it is necessary and the sample is suitable for that purpose - that is, not only the data required for autogeneous loading - the parent may naturally decide that the sibling or someone else should pays for storage.
What's in store for so much? Expertise and infrastructure. In order to have a picture of what was going on with the removed genealogy, Dr. Great Book Dr. Nagy outlined the process recorded in a strict protocol. Blood collected in an appropriate sterile bag should be returned to an institutional site within 48 hours and kept strictly between 4 and 20 ° C. Freezing into liquid nitrogen is controlled by a program up to -192 ° C. The supply of continuous cooling is assured for many times, and in case of total loss of power the tank maintains the desired temperature.

… Or yogurt?

In addition to the money offered, they also process and store voluntarily offered blood samples taken for 50 trial purposes. This requires international accreditation, which is a prerequisite for the creation of a public bank. It is much more costly to process and test the genetic lineage, if you want to ensure that you have a much higher chance of being implanted in a foreign body in practice. Examining HLA whites that have been found to be incompatible with the so-called HLA-typing test costs about 200,000 forints, which for the time being can only be tested for 50 samples. However, we intend to join the International Registry as soon as possible with more than one volunteer donation.

Why do we need a Hungarian bank for cordon?

For both biological and financial reasons, there is an urgent need for the country to have its own, possibly multiple, donor donor banks.
Suitable foreign stem cells, regardless of the patient's cost, cost the social security fund 9500-10000 Euros. However, money may be the smallest problem. The right type of implantable stem cell is a basic requirement for life saving. We are a small country, and because of the genetic characteristics of the Hungarian population, it is much more likely that we have a suitable donor patient nationality than a large international registry. This is even more the case in the case of the Hungarian Roma population.
Parenting can be a useful evidence of the benefits of having a sibling for a baby, but it is more likely that someone who is in need of a baby will be completely alien to it. According to experts, even though the exact number is argued, for 1: 200000, it is the currency that one needs to have his own stored stem cells, and that they are indeed suitable and sufficient for a lifesaving intervention.
Dr. Big Book finally said that the vast majority of bone marrow transplants - 90% (!) - in Hungary can be traced back to the untimely donation of donors. It is his desire to develop the "Give me" approach in our country as well. All devices are captured to allow for the examination and regular storage of samples that are offered unintentionally on experimental samples.