An incubator speaks seven languages

In addition to providing the perfect benefit, just like standard incubators, the novelty of listening to BabyBloom's fantasy is first and foremost, a delight - not a technology or an intensive class.

The Dutch developer is a new miracle incubator based on the designs of Heleen Willemsen. It started from the fact that the incubator doesn't have to be so cold, uncomfortable, and not at all alarming. In traditional incubators, babies are exposed to a constant level of noise, which, due to their more sophisticated, sensitive hearing, is perceived as being constantly exposed to an electric razor. And then we didn't talk about the continuous, strong light. Heleen Willemsen did nothing to ask those affected, parents and health workers what they think of the incubators currently on the market, what weaknesses and mistakes they made. Well, the result, which you can see animated, is really stunning!
Its elastic folds, openable sides, allow the baby to be easily accessed from two sides at the same time, with the infant pouch comfortably seated at the right height.
And what's good for the premature baby's mom: the incubator can be pushed directly over the bed so you can look at the baby while you are in bed and touch the baby. Anyone who has ever been to a Hungarian early childhood class, publicly says this is utopia, since where is our early childhood rooming in? Up to NIC-2 classes, most of the time there is no need for an incubator. (Such was the case in Debrecen, in the women's clinic age group and in the Peterborough Hospital in Petertery Street.) at least temporarily.
It was for the end, though it would have been for the first time: the perfect solution was to create perfect darkness for the baby and the noise level in a reading room in a library.
And what would the baby choose?
If you convince him, he would definitely like the kangaroo method: to get it on mom's body for the longest time. Mom's body is a perfect incubator: it warms up, keeps you warm, stimulates vital functions, increases oxygenation of your baby's blood, protects against infections, and promotes breastfeeding. From here you can download the World Health Organization's information on kangaroo method and implementation. They are successfully applied in many countries around the world. The star Heleen Willemsen is well aware of this, as well as distributing a kangaroo breast besides the super incubator.