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The biggest buckets in home remedies

You have thoroughly consulted your doctor and re-read your patient information so that you can put an end to your little pain as soon as possible, but even with your best will, there may be a mistake in your calculations.

It is no use for children to play medicine, but unfortunately small children may also need it if they get sick. You already know your body, you know the benefits that work for you, and how much you need to take. But you are in a field completely unfamiliar with your child, so it is important that you always consult a doctor, even if you feel what is wrong with it. Because babies, toddlers, kids it is easy to overdose or overdose, which at best has the consequence that the symptoms do not subside.

We collected a common mistakes in home drug delivery, but avoiding them is not a guarantee of healing - if you have any problems, you should definitely consult a doctor!

How much is that?

For small children, accurate dosing is particularly important, and fewer or more medications may be a problem. In the case of medication without a prescription, the grade on the box or in the announcement will determine how much you should give based on the age or weight of the child, while the exact dosage of prescription medications will be determined by the physician.
Small household spoons can vary in size and are therefore not suitable for medical use - syrups, drops, suspensions are always supplied with measuring instruments (pipette, syringe, cannula, measuring cup)! Even in the hurry of a sick, sick child, take the time to look at the dosing instructions - two very seeming drugs can have a completely different dose, so you just have to leave it at that!
Common Error: If the label states that the medicine may be used by a doctor at a certain age, do not tell him at home how much the recommended dose may be. In inquiries, ask your specialist for advice, as some of the effects may work contrary to what seems "logical" - babies seem to have more drops in their content than in older ones.

Natural, but not unsafe

There are many who, in the first instance, have to deal with natural remedies in the event of illness before it is possible to take medications, but it is still worthwhile to be careful. Although most herbal remedies can be tried by children at a very young age, there are also varieties that are strictly forbidden to be watered by babies.
The menthol-containing mint and peppermint tea, as well as the mint-oil-inhaled-in-life formula, irritate the respiratory tract so much that it can cause a light-headed reaction and, in more severe cases, cause breathing. It is equally dangerous to recommend sennava juice for adults who have constipation, which can cause severe stomach cramps in the baby, and may cause minor body weight, diarrhea, and black tea.
Common Error: Almost everyone is aware of the fun effects of chamomile, but fewer people are aware that even a herb known for its finest effects can cause allergic reactions. First, try this on a small area of ​​your baby's skin, and if one day you get skin redness, don't apply it!

With open cards

With a child protesting loudly, it is tempting to take the easier route and some tricky way to slip the medicine into your small mouth without noticing it, but it may not pay off in the long run. Carefully explain to her why the medicine is needed (after a little discomfort she will be better off) and how to take it - this will also make her aware and avoid the onset of redness. If your child protests against this, try to find the most comfortable solution: you can break your tablets into small pieces or break them into two powders and dissolve them in a spoonful of fluids.
However, when mixing with food, be careful if you "hide" the meal in large portions, the small may not eat well, meaning that you will not get the right dose. There are also some supplements that need to be taken before eating, in which case the blending method does not work.
Common Error: It is best to take pills with plain water as carbonic acid and milk can influence the absorption of the active ingredients in sufficient quantities. If the syrup or tablet is very bad tasting, prepare a little cup of tea with water to rinse off the bitter aftertaste.

No more mistakes!

Without medical consultation, 47 percent of the parents give their child's free gifts every year. The solution:
1. Read the description carefully
Most importantly, make sure roula is the product for children.
2. Use the syringe!
It's easy to get from a pharmacy, and with dense lineages, you can dispense liquid drugs with great precision.
3. Observe the elapsed time!
Packages usually tell you how long you need to wait for two receipts, but if you are not sure, ask your pharmacist or your GP.
4. Call for help!
If you are not sure about the information after thoroughly reviewing the information, do not hesitate to talk! Ask your doctor or pharmacist twice more than making an accidental decision.Home Practices for Overcoming Diseases:
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