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Put down your cigarette and live for 10 years

There are more than one billion people in the world who smoke every day. Currently, about 6 million people die each year from this malady. In a dozen years, 40-50 year old smokers could survive if they were not bothered by suffering.

Cigarette cigarettes in the environment are much more common in heart problems, but at the same time, there is an increased risk of fatal cardiac death. Today is World Do Not Collect.
Smoking is one of the most widespread addictions of our time, which is no accident in the 21st century. It is also known as Century Plague, as the mortality caused by it is comparable to the destruction of medieval infectious diseases worldwide.
Our country ranks among the unique countries in terms of smoking-related deaths. Every year, 40,000 people lose their lives as a result of illnesses associated with this malady. This figure is around one hundred percent of the annual deaths. At the same time, there are approximately 2500 passive smokers who are killed by other cigarette smokes.
According to surveys, smoking causes 90-95 deaths from lungs, 30-35% from all cancers, 25-25% from chronic inflammatory diseases, and from 25-25% from chronic inflammatory diseases. A large majority of smokers have already tried tobacco products before the age of 18. Every five tens of years, he lost his first cigarette. Among 13-year-olds, the figure is 50 percent, and out of 10 freshmen in middle school, 7 have already smoked. 12-14 year old girls smok 7, while boys 12 percent smoke, and 18-30 year old women 42 percent. Every fifth child smokes a box of cigarettes in a passive smokescreen in one single week. Many of us see parents, heart.
The human body does not respond in the same way to the harmful effects of smoking, but in the majority of smokers, smoking affects the entire organism, resulting in about 25 life-threatening illnesses or disease groups.
Smoking is one of the main risk factors for cardiovascular disease, which causes substances in the body to damage the blood vessels and contribute to the formation of blood (blood loss). The risk of heart attack in smokers is much greater than in non-smokers, as those who collect day by day from the heart to the heart can develop so-called plaque, which is first and foremost narrow.
Some plaques can suddenly cause, without warning, a coronary heart attack, infarction, or sudden heartburn without any warning symptoms, according to Prof. Dr. Rabbi Kiss Rabbi of Cardiology. At the same time, the abnormal suffering of a smoky toddler also affects the development of the fetus, since infants living with tobacco smoke are more likely to die of sudden death, i.e., fetal death, and premature birth. More than a quarter of pregnant women smoke in Hungary.
According to surveys, 75 percent of Hungarians want to change their bad habits. Many people abandon these abuses early on, without thinking that they can count on a lifetime of ten years for those who manage to relieve their suffering by the age of 40-50. Some have succeeded because 17 percent of the Hungarian population has become smokers, meaning that more than 1 million of our fellow citizens have been able to give up smoking and get rid of it.
At an American university, 79 twin pairs were examined, the smokers' faces, sagging, wrinkles submerged, larger spines under their eyes, not to mention the high risk of larvae in November. in the world, they are raising their smoking addicts to (at least) suspend suffering for a day.
If we stop smoking in time, the damage it causes can be reversed. According to experience, a person who gives up suffering from a malady before the age of 35 has the chance of developing a cardiovascular disease as if he had never smoked.
However, after 20 minutes of smoking, blood pressure and heart rate return to normal, after 8 hours, blood oxygen levels return to normal, Year after year, the risk of developing acute cardiovascular death has been reduced by 25 percent, even after 10 years the risk of lungs is half that of our smoky people. The chance of my acute myocardial death is the same as never smokers.
Quitting smoking also brings a number of other gains, better health, improved performance, better breathing, whitened teeth, deafness, clearer, clearer.
Last but not least, smoking is a very expensive, "luxury" activity. In an average smoky fire a year, you smoke about 75,000 pieces of cigarettes, counting one box per day over a 10-year period, and one million forints on a cigarette.
Everyone, both non-smokers and non-smokers, must do their utmost to stop them from suffering from an entire society. It is worth considering that for ourselves and our loved ones, the smoke-free period lasts not only on this day, but throughout the year, since every Sluk has a healthy effect. If we do not do this, the incessant devastation caused by the plague of our age will continue to take its toll.
In every other country in the European Union, only one out of four people smokes enough to reach this level in our country even after five or ten years.
The World Do Not Collect International Day is held every third Thursday in November. The movement started in 1974 on the United States of America. It aims to have a day in the year when cigarette smokers do not collect it, and the public is made aware of the dangers of smoking and passive smoking.
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