Is ibuprofen safe for breastfeeding mothers?

Numerous doctors do not recommend ibuprofen-containing supplements during pregnancy, but what about breastfeeding?

Many doctors agree that breast-feeding mothers are better off certain drugs, but ibuprofen-containing meals most cases are safe when used in a measured dose. According to a 2014 study, their ibuprofen content is only 0.38 percent in breast milk, and even if the maternal intake is higher, it remains below one percent.

Why is it forbidden at the time of admission?

However, doctors are advising us to take ibuprofen supplements at the time of pregnancy because these go into the bloodstream, from there to the hideout, and can have a negative effect on the baby - Research has shown that there may be a link between ibuprofen intake during pregnancy and the development of asthma - reports MedicalNewsToday. These agents should also be given special attention during the early stages of pregnancy, as can cause even divorce.

What about other painkillers?

For breastfeeding mothers, ibuprofen is one of the safest solutions, the other is paracetamol. According to a 2014 report aspirin is safe in small doses, but others would say it is better to avoid, because it can get into breast milk in greater proportions - up to 10 percent of the dose! can cause Reye's syndrome. This is an acute brain injury that also seriously affects the liver - fortunately, it is a relatively rare problem today.

Pain management with natural methods

If we don't feel that much pain, or we think we shouldn't lose our painkillers, lest our baby be healthy, we can always return to our mothers, water clothes, massages or hot baths.It is also very important to pay attention to ourselves, our health, and to remember everyday things that are recommended to everyone, such as sufficient fluid intake. If we don't drink enough, we will be more relieved by muscle aches and our breast milk will not be as abundant.Related links: