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"We danced in the bedroom!" - Such is the real wonderful birth

Childbirth can be a great job, it can be painful and it can be a beautiful experience. Kitty was a part of the latter.

On August 28th, the day has come! Our son was born, Great Lippai Bendegъz! On Saturday, a small amount of amniotic fluid was seeping in, but it was still stopping, so we saved to feed the ducks to the stomach, Szalуki Бgi for a kid's concert and a good little baby thing Abigйl very enjoyed.
The next morning, after Sunday, I was up, had a little blood, I was steaming, but I was quick to check that it was natural, it meant the beginning of childbirth. I put in a Bendegъz made a relaxation quote for your birth, and I told my baby and my baby that I really want something to start right now.

The whole family was born together

As soon as I finished contacting me, at that moment a coyote came in that was indestructible! Tom йs Abigйl they woke up at eight o'clock and told them the big day was here! Tomi immediately ran, jumped, and started shaving and washing his hair. In the meantime, I called the babysitter who asked me to call her again in 2-3 minutes, and then she would go. I still had a lot of distractions, so I leaned on the kitchen counter and set it aside because of working with a 2-and-a-half-year-old doesn't just mean looking inward.
So it was a lot of fun in the morning, changed from 9am to two-three minute cribs, showered, arranged Bendegъz little bed, I agreed Zsuzsa my friends that we'll soon meet at the hospital and take over Abit. Three quarters, we said goodbye Abigйltхl, who was completely in the know, knew that yes, now mother would give birth soon Bendйt. At home he stroked my tummy and said, Bende, so push it outward. It was chick!

In the bedroom

We signed in to her baby room and came soon Bea, my baby, I was tested, and I was three times open three times. We went to my room by 11 am, put in the address, and afterwards we have completely surrendered ourselves to the butter. We showered, danced, the cobblestones strengthened in the middle, Tomi massaged my sacrum, I sniffed the fragrance of the essential oil, the music came out, it was great! Again, we were in incredible harmony Tomi And with the baby. I was very proud of my brother for being there with me, so supportive, he says!
The butterflies started to get very wild at around 12, the fetal water flowed, Bende sliding down and down, I was hitting the ball, rocking. In the middle of it I had the voice exam, well, it was a bit annoying, I even shot myself a couple of times. The pain became so strong that I barely bothered to stand it, so I bowed to the ground, but it wasn't good, nothing at all ... then I just felt a tremendous amount of pressure and I don't know, the baby and when it will end. I went into something "animalistic", sound, poor Tom I was terrified.I came back again and it was a wonderful sensation as I felt the kid coming down a little bit again, a dose of amniotic fluid strikes, then this rhythm again as you come forward and forth. Tom clinging to his neck, writing a figure of eight, back in the womb with masseur oil. Bea she said she was slowly here, so she woke up somehow. It was very difficult to succeed, I made some effort.
It was upright, with pillows in the back, and two small feet resting on it to avoid having to put my foot up to my neck. She wasn't comfortable either, just a little backward. When I woke up, Bea woke up to have her head in here, Tom flushed, ian I relaxed and felt the small hair that gave me tremendous strength. I printed small things, it didn't go that way, I didn't even know where I was. Tomi encouraged me to push a big one, and that I was crazy.
Doctor, Born: If it comes to crap, then the pressure can come, and I just said I have no idea when it will come! And then I was happy to say yes, moooost, and he had his head out - Tomi we were both excited, and in the next moment, at 1 o'clock at 5 minutes, his little body slipped out. Come on, my little boy (4125 grams, 58 cm!) Was buzzing there. It was unbelievably cool! Which was really nice since I finished it Bendegъz your street, arrull I have modified that Somewhere over the rainbowget out ... well done! When I put it on my chest, that's the number!
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