What should (not) be in the baby bed?

We could talk more about the "furnishings" of the lumpy bed, we don't have to! There is no need for a cushion because it can cause suffocation if the newborn is unable to lift the head out of it.

We can indulge her with a canopy, a cushion of soft pillows, so as not to put her head in a twist, we can do the rest of what the baby needs to do. One or two rubber or plush animals, gliding hinges, colorful mural gives you enough spraying, don't overdo the bed, because it can be too much stimulation.

Do not overdo the baby!

Lay the doll on a smooth, non-slip surface. Best is a couscous or foam mattress. Couscous mattresses allow moisture and lightly dry, we apply a waterproof sheet of foam, one side of which is a terry cloth, the other is nylon. Each should be large enough to be folded underneath the mattress so that it does not move or shrink. A lightweight, washable cotton or non-woven blanket is best, with no need for a cover. If the room is cool, give the baby more attention, because the small blanket can fit under the thick quilt.
We fold a folded textile diaper under your head, which catches the mouth or milk that drains out of your mouth.
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