Useful information

Swing in the room

The circular motion of stimulation of the balance organ improves the coordination of the child's various movements. You can also install a swing that can be hung in the door.

If the headroom is low or the space is tight, a small rubber sheet is enough to let it fall low enough to allow it to sprout itself with the foot. Similarly, the hanging rocking chair can be suspended with a small amount of space. Today's variation on the traditional rocking chair and rocking chair is the crescent-shaped "cheese" or healed wood panel. If you use a stretch instead of a swing, your muscles will strengthen as they swing. Set it so low that you can comfortably reach it when you open it, because you can only bend yourself. Your muscles will develop even if you just keep on top of it and keep your body in shape, and you don't want to get gymnasts out of it.
Rhythmic back-and-forth motion improves balance, stimulates movement, and cerebral functions. Do not put your baby in a swing, if you are, let's give him another, similar mobility.
For riders, they have similar abilities to swinging (crescent, crocodile, spring-loaded playwrights). You can get into these yourself by moving your own control of the center of gravity. You can roll yourself on a bigger ball or board. Buy a loose, round rubber disk or swing that has a single rubber sheet on the outside. Lower it low so that the little cuckoo's feet fall down and soak it up.
For the brave, a closed swing is more appropriate. You can only talk about it with our help so you can prevent accidents. We find it harder to get into the plastic feeding molds, and we can cope more easily with the wooden swing limit that can be pulled up and down. Low swing room swings are quickly outgrown, so you can buy them in your doorstep. Never leave unattended while rocking! Let's talk together to improve your rhythm.