Can Paracetamol Be Safe During Pregnancy? Can It Cause Less Problems

Paracetamol-containing drugs have been used in a wide range of applications, mainly for pain and flushing, including during pregnancy. However, the safety of medicines is increasingly being called into question.

The active ingredient paracetamol (acetaminophen) can be found in many households, as it is one of the most popular analgesics and analgesics, but many combinations of drugs, such as nasal or cold, are used to treat it. These drugs are often also recommended for pregnant or breastfeeding women, but unfortunately there are still many questions about their safety.Always consult your doctor for advice on prescription Several studies have already addressed the risk of taking paracetamol-containing drugs during pregnancy. For example, one research found that the children of pregnant women who 7 days longer they were taking such drugs, and there was a significant increase in the risk of developing hyperactivity and behavioral disturbances, irrespective of whether they were taking the drug earlier or later in pregnancy. Another research group found in animal experiments that taking paracetamol for at least one week affects both the development of the reproductive organs of male and female mice, and reduces fertility. In addition, these negative effects occurred not only in the offspring of the mice that received the active substance, but also in a generation. According to the latest research, acetaminophen taken during pregnancy may also affect linguistic development. The study involved 754 women who took 59 percent of paracetamol-containing medicines between 8 and 13 weeks pregnant. The linguistic development of women with children was examined at 30 months of age, and found that 10 percent of all children were considered to be underdeveloped and those with impaired speech developed. However, if the mother took six or more paracetamol tablets in the early stages of pregnancy, the risk of delayed speech development increased sixfold around the little ones (the boys weren't so affected). Shanna Swan professor, author of the research leader European Psychiatry In a study published in címы, "... based on these results, if further research supports them, all women who are interested in it should think about it, and they should also pay attention to age It should not be stated either that paracetamol is harmful to the fetus or that it is perfectly safe. It is extremely important that consult with your doctor before taking any medicine, and after weighing up the potential benefits and dangers, decide for or just against the drug. (Via) More articles in this topic:
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