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You can avoid getting your baby hot

The summer can be very dangerous for babies. How do you keep your baby safe when the sun shines? Read our helpful tips!

Always stay with your baby when you go to the beach

What do you do when the cannula comes in? Get out of your baby? Or is it better to stay inside? The tips of will help you make the decision. The babies still do not sweat. What's wrong with summer is that the body is able to provide heat with sweat. Because of this, in the summer heat, At temperatures above 27 degrees, babies are able to get a cry They are also at risk of being drained. Of course, you may not be moving out of your air-conditioned, chilled apartment all summer long, but it's important that you pay close attention to how long you stay outside in the heat with your baby. Between 11 and 16 o'clock do not stay in the sun for a little while. If that's the case, you need to know what the signs are that your baby is in danger because he's overheated.If your baby is over, you may experience the following symptoms:
- they are very irritable and irritable,
- he is lethargic, does not eat, does not drink, only sleeps
- the skin changes: too wet or explicitly dry
- you have to faint
If you notice any of these symptoms, your baby needs immediate medical attention!

You can avoid getting hot

Stay in the circle. When you are outdoors, always settle down with your baby in a shady place.Dress it up properly. Add light-colored, comfortable material and loose-fitting clothes that are breathable. Don't forget about the wide flange hat.Make sure you drink enough. If you are breast-feeding your baby, you will breast-feed it more often during the summer months. Nutrition dolls can also be watered multiple times.Carefully with sunscreen. For babies less than six months old, it is not recommended to use sunscreen, so be sure to stay in the shade. If it is inevitable that the sun will touch the delicate little skin, apply a small amount of cream on your face, hands and feet. It is better that you wear more clothes to avoid the radiation.Do not cover the stroller. Many people do, though it is very dangerous to cover the stroller with a textile blanket or thin sheet. This will only increase the temperature in the stroller and prevent the baby from breathing in the air.It doesn't matter what the baby is carrying. A thick, dark baby carrier can help keep your baby warm. Give the baby a lightweight dress made of poplar material, moisten his feet and hands with occasionally a damp cloth.Never leave him in the car! Millions of times, professionals tell you, year after year, someone in a locked car leaves a sleeping baby on a hot day. Don't leave your car in the sun for a minute! When traveling, put on a light garment, leave the head and feet loose, shade the windows, because the sun's rays are very damaging to the skin and can burn the skin.LevegĐůztess. If your baby has a hot flush, breathe in the skin. You can change it with a damp cloth and then leave the skin to dry. Cream, swing powder don't use!And last but not least, there is a basic rule: if you are warm, he is better off! Use your common sense and look after your baby all summer long!Related Articles:
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