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Don't leave it in the car! warns New Childhood

Toddlers in the car have put oblivious toddlers on the market in an effort to reduce the number of children losing their lives due to the irresponsibility of their parents in high faith.

A special kind of safety baby is being started by an American clothing store: the goal of the development is to prevent parents from forgetting their children in the hot car.

New Development (Forrбs: Walmart)

The Evenflo Advanced SensorSafe baby was launched at Walmart's website last week for $ 149 ($ 42,000). The in-seat driver alerts the driver with a noiseless chip sound if the child's safety belt is not turned off after the auto-shutdown - read The Independent British online newspaper.
"This child excludes the possibility of a child being left behind in the car. We hope that no one will ever need SensorSafe, but unfortunately, every nine days a child dies because of leaving a child" illetйkese.

Unfortunately, many people always leave children in the car in the heat