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Love Your Body After Birth - Better Than You Think!

The arrival of a baby affects your whole life - and changes your body. But not necessarily in the wrong direction.

Love Your Body After Birth - Better Than You Think!

You've never had such charisma

You don't really get to the gym these days - but you almost don't need it. Because of the many walks and the quicker rush, your guard will soon regain its original form. And your charisma wears never-before-seen dimensions from so many lifters. It also contributes to your good condition that during pregnancy and breastfeeding you pay more attention to what and how much you eat. You're paying attention, aren't you?

You can also say goodbye to tires

If you're paying attention to healthy eating, then no more diet the bumps on your stomach will also disappear. Don't be impatient. It took nine months for them to grow up - even nine months and the baby doll will have almost no trace. If you are afraid of this, try a very entertaining exercise. Put a little bit on your feet and curved legs and play flying. With ten minutes a day to play, you can say goodbye to your tires in just a few months.

Menstrual cramps are relieved

Because during breastfeeding your hormone balance changes, much less frequently, and less menstrual periods. There are some who do not return to their cycle during breastfeeding, but even if you are not in the midst of breastfeeding, you will experience it much easier than before. This does not mean, of course, that you should not be pregnant: if you do not want a new baby, you should take the same precautions as before childbirth.

Sex holds new excitement

No, you do not become a nymphomycobacillus during breastfeeding, in fact. Sexual excitement and orgasm it is more complicated And it may be a longer process than before. However, if you are paying attention to yourself and your couple, you will learn things about each other during this period that you will apply and enjoy after you have finished breastfeeding.

If you have bigger breasts, you just got it

Originally, large breasts will grow larger during breastfeeding, but you will experience a real change if you have previously chosen from A or B bras. The effect is clearly bombastic on the outfit, but it takes a little humor to wean: breastfeeding and milk dripping into orgasm, for a moment, reminds you of being a mother - but stop bothering. your breasts temporarily lose a lot of posture, but don't be afraid. After a few months, they'll be back in a fully-fledged state.

Six months from now, your hair will be old

Because of the hormones that characterize pregnancy, you have virtually no hair loss for nine months. From the amount of hair that you have accumulated, the hairstyle looks nicer and drier all the way to childbirth - afterwards, you suddenly feel that half of it disappears in just a few weeks. Do not be disappointed! By the time the tiny cushion becomes, your hair will regain its original texture and hair. While you're breastfeeding, it's worth it pregnancy vitamins take it - it will work well on your hair and skin as well.

You will be more caring and you will be patient (or not)

Although it is not a physical change, the causes are to be found in your body, precisely in your brain. The hormones released after childbirth, prolactin and oxytocin, help to tune in to your baby's needs - And take good care of it. This caring attitude may also appear in your relationship with others, which your couple will be sure to appreciate. But do not be afraid if your sense of patience is avoided - in the first period, all sensations can be said to be normal and you can rest assuredly on hormones. As long as you don't want to hurt anybody, kill these feelings and learn about yourself.Related articles after the birth: