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At the same time, the Head of Unit, Dr. János Szepesi immediately warns: they have teamwork and insists that his deputy dr. Gyorgy Vegh should also take part in the interview. (Let's get started in October 2009.)

dr. János Szepesi and dr. Gyor Vegh
Photo by: Fbbiбn Olga

Due to court discussions, the number of parents in the Peter years has increased significantly. They are surprised when the 40-percent cesarean section is heard, which among others is due to the fact that there are many mothers who have had their previous births, but the chances are higher. Another reason is that the hospital has a premature and neonatal pathology department, so the number of vulnerable pregnant and premature babies is very high. Epidural sensation is very common: it is close to 80 percent.- EDA is accessible to us twenty times over - says the head of the department - and little babies live with this baby. All the possibilities are available to everyone! Just as seriously we miss pregnant women who come to us not because of an elected doctor, but simply because they belong here. We also want everyone to miss out on births, and we also keep sickness statistics.
Parents can make a childbirth plan, describe their wishes, how they want to conceive, give birth, what they need in relation to analgesia, cutaneous or maxillofacial surgery, and their needs. If the mother wants to move freely between voivodeships or to give birth in a parent, she can. The baby is immediately placed on the breast. The Baby Waiting Program provides an opportunity for premature mothers to visit the class once a month from spring to spring. In the future, we would like to further develop and intensify this series.

Noémi gave birth to an urn
Photo by: Fbbiбn Olga

The hospital also has pregnancy pathology, where special attention is paid to toxins, hypertension, diabetic and twin pregnant mothers. There is a neonatological department in Petherter, they are ready for all problems, so there is no need to bring any drop to the hospital.
Immediately after a cesarean section, the daddy will put a little on the naked chest of the father if this is what the parents want, because it is important that the baby with the help of the surgery does not miss the first intimate moments. Pregnant babies are also given to their mother as soon as they enjoy the calming, calming effect of body proximity, in a controlled and safe environment. THE kуrhбz's homepage The department staff is also proud, which is almost completely up-to-date and has ample information about the views of the people working there, the institution provided.Facts, figures
  • Number of births in 2008: 1600, of which 40 are cesarean sections.
  • Basic rooms: two double and one single.
  • Non-Pay Rooms: There are a total of twelve beds, most of which are double rooms, the largest being three.
  • There is thus a single room with an alternative butter-proofing device (ribbed wall, ball).
  • Breastfeeding selection is available on a daily basis, enabling two breastfeeding volunteers.
  • The father can be inside the screen for cesarean section (you can watch a video of "hair contact" on Youtube).
  • The baby unit operates twenty-one in a roomy-room system.
  • In the rooms of the foundation, the father can stay indoors day and night.
  • Pregnant pathology, prenatal and pathologic neonatal wards, and a neonatological ward operate in the hospital.